Case Study: The Southeastern Association of Confessional Baptist Churches

The Southeastern Association of Confessional Baptist Churches engaged our services to revamp their website and improve its design and functionality. Objectives included refreshing the website design so that it would be more modern and user-friendly, making the site easier to update, and reorganizing the site information so that it would be more clear to website visitors and they could easily understand the purpose and nature of the association.

We created a custom website for the association with a clean look and design, incorporating appealing graphics, colors and photos that fit into the association’s branding and mission. Restructuring the site map, we cleaned up the pages and navigation so that the site is more organized and presents information to visitors in a clear way that does not overwhelm them. Highlighted on the website are the association’s events, membership process, and documents, which needed to stand out to website visitors and be easily accessible to them. Also included is a Member Church Directory page and corresponding map that shows the location of each church and website, a feature that was lacking before. The custom back-end interface of the website in WordPress allows our client to easily update and switch out key content and info on the website as needed and to also upload and update media/audio files that are housed in the Media Archives section. The end result is an attractive and easy-to-use website that effectively conveys the messaging and purpose of the association and provides necessary resources to site visitors.  

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