Why You Need a Privacy Policy for Your Website

The subject of this blog post may not have incited a great amount of interest or excitement in you. After all, who wants to talk about legal stuff? Doesn’t that involve a lot of dull information and confusing jargon? You may be right about that. However, even though a privacy policy is not the most exciting or glamorous part of a website, it is nevertheless an important one that should not be neglected. Though often ignored, it is one of the most important pieces of text to include on a website. And if you are business owner who…Continue Reading

4 Website Trends to Watch for in 2022

Now more than ever, web and design technology is advancing at an incredibly rapid pace. We’ve all seen how the digital landscape has transformed dramatically over the last two years due to the impact of the global pandemic and accompanying changes in how people live and work. In such times, it has become more important than ever to stay on top of web design trends. Like with the art and fashion industries, these trends are constantly in flux and are cyclical. The key thing is that web designers and business owners…Continue Reading

Case Study: Bluewater Energy, Inc. Website Updates

In our last blog post, we wrote about the importance of regularly updating your website, in order to ensure that it stays current and is in step with the latest trends in design and technology. Are you curious to see what this looks like in practice? We are excited to share some updates with you that we recently made to one of our client’s websites, Bluewater Energy, Inc. is a technical services company that works within the energy and industrial marketplace…Continue Reading

How often should you update your website?

I think we can all agree that there’s nothing worse than visiting an outdated website with stale content. Whether it’s pictures that were taken years ago and have become irrelevant, or a blog that hasn’t had a new post added in several years, you are left with a negative impression of that website and business. In order to keep this from happening, it is imperative that a website is updated regularly and kept current. Why don’t more people do this? For many business owners, it seems that they are afraid of the time…Continue Reading

Is Custom Website Design Dying?

Is custom website design dying? In an era where slick and professional-looking websites can be quickly designed using templates and DIY website builders, this is a valid question. With the abundance of sophisticated tools that are easily available and can do the heavy lifting for people wanting to get a website in place, hasn’t custom web design become obsolete? Why go through the time-consuming process of working with a web designer to design and build a custom website when…Continue Reading

How to Ensure That Your Website Copy is Effective

Are you aware of the power that your website copy has to either make or break your online presence and to invite users in or drive them away? An amazing design with engaging elements and images isn’t the only thing that your website needs to stand out and capture the attention of your audience. Your website copy, the core text that narrates visitors through your website and tells them the information that they need to know, also has a tremendous effect on your audience…Continue Reading

Why You Need A Website for Your Business in 2021

Are you thinking about getting a website for your business this year? In my experience as a web designer, I have often been surprised at the number of people I encounter who don’t think that they need a website for their business. In today’s digital world and current climate of technology, it seems obvious that a website is an essential must, but statistics tell us that an estimated 30 to 40% of small business owners do not have one. What is the reason for this?…Continue Reading

Four Things to Consider When Choosing Images for Your Website

When you visit a website, do you ever consider the choice of images on it and how they impact your overall impression of the site? Perhaps you can think of a website that includes beautiful and striking images that blend harmoniously with the color, text, and placement of content on the site. Chances are, this website strongly captures your attention and causes you to be drawn into the design and to experience a certain positive emotional reaction. On the other hand, I’m sure you’ve had an experience…Continue Reading

Understanding the Terms of Web Design and Web Development

Web design, web development, UX/UI design, front-end/back-end development—these are all terms used in the tech world today to refer to websites. Do you feel confused by what these various terms mean and the difference between them? If so, you’re not alone! Coming across this kind of terminology is intimidating and overwhelming for anyone who is not familiar with the industry. By knowing the definition for each term, however, you’ll be able to better understand what each one refers to…Continue Reading

What Makes an Engaging Web Page Layout

Do you know why certain websites capture your attention and why others don’t? The design elements of a website will truly make or break its effectiveness and either engage users, providing them with a pleasant online experience, or turn users away, causing them confusion and/or mistrust. The best and most effective design elements of a website are those that go unnoticed by the user and provide them with a smooth and intuitive online experience…Continue Reading