Case Study: Bluewater Energy Solutions

Bluewater Energy Inc., a technical services company that provides services to the energy and industrial marketplaces, hired us to completely redesign and redevelop their current website so that it would have a new look and format and be easy to update. Not only did they want to refresh the design and layout of the website to make it more modern, but they also wanted it to have enhanced functionality and to be more interactive and optimized for mobile devices. Since they had previously received comments from website visitors saying that they were confused about the companys services, they also wanted to be sure to arrange the topics and information on the website in a highly organized manner so that visitors would clearly understand their service offerings and specialties.

We created a fresh design for the website that has an industrial look, showcases the companys brand and worksite photos, and helps website visitors to quickly and easily find the companys service offerings. We then added custom functionality and animation to the website and developed it within WordPress so that the company can easily update the website and post PDF press releases on the News page. The end result is a modernized, responsive website that is clearly organized, plainly highlights the companys service offerings and appeals to the global energy industry.

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